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Minnesota Permit to Carry

Vixen Defense is a local business. Designed for customer convenience, Vixen has set business hours when customers can shop for non-lethal defense tools in our store or chat with instructors. MN Carry Permit Class is offered regularly, as is the Essential Pistol Craft. Check our Course Calendar to see the next available class. Walk-ins to these classes are always welcome. Vixen accepts any form of payment (cash, check, and all credit cards).

All Vixen Defense classes are offered on-site at our storefront. Vixen is located at 101 Main St E, on the corner of Main Street and Railroad Avenue in Isanti. However for large groups or corporate events instructors can travel to your location.

Because we know how busy people are, Vixen also offers Private Classes. If our scheduled class times aren’t going to work for you, Vixen will set a class any day or time of your choosing. You can schedule a course for one-on-one time with the instructor, or for your group. Furthermore, Vixen provides group rates, for those with 4 or more people. Just call 612-516-6304 or Contact Us to set up a class for you or your group at your convenience.

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MN Carry Permit Class

The right to self-defense comes with a serious responsibility. Those who carry a firearm must be safe and educated. Vixen provides students with personal training and attention for a comfortable learning environment. The MN Carry Permit Class includes legal instruction and firearm fundamentals with comfort and convenience.

Private Classes can add training in specific issues or combine multiple classes into a single session. We cater to both first-time permit applicants and renewals. Vixen can also provide certification for obtaining a Florida Non-Resident Permit. For those who travel, this can extend the number of states which recognize your right to carry.

Education is Our Mission

Vixen strongly believes in going beyond the legal requirements of training. Our mission is to truly educate students. We want to help customers create their own personal defense plan. We seek to arm every student with complete and up-to-date information and industry insights to help them take control of their personal safety. Every student should feel equipped to make the best possible decision for their own unique situation.

The best defensive option is the one that works best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all option. Personal protection is just that – personal. Environmental factors like job and location combined with personal preferences impact your choice of self-defense. Legal rights and responsibilities, as well as types and use of force also play into deciding the best option (or options) for you and your protection.

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Vixen Defense offers weekly Permit to Carry classes as well as a number of Non-Lethal Self defense courses.

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Minnesota residents can shop ur online store for General Safety items, Personal Alarms, Pepper Spray, and Stun Guns.

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