A BCA Approved Business Providing Firearm Training to the North Metro

Since 2013, Vixen Defense has been a BCA approved organization for instructors in the Minnesota Personal Protection Act of 2003.

The first rule of business is to find a need, and fill it.

Vixen was built on a need. The gun industry, especially carry permit education, is a specialized field. Customers often have to wait a month or even two months for classes to be available. When they do find a class, it’s not always a good time. Class sizes are unpredictable. Trainer credentials and backgrounds vary wildly. People just getting started don’t always have their own equipment yet. Some organizations require additional classes or for you to do pre-class paperwork and registration.

Learning shouldn’t be that hard. People needed something more convenient.

Vixen Makes Taking a Class Simple

Vixen is a full-time local business dedicated to making this easy for you.

  • Daily classes, both private and open to the public. No waiting.
  • Walk-Ins welcome. Not sure of your schedule? No commitment required.
  • Male & female instructors. We want you to be comfortable. If you have a preference, we’ll arrange for your instructor of choice.
  • Equipment provided. Don’t have your own gun? Don’t want to bring your gun? Short on ammo? Don’t want a range bag sitting in your car all day? Don’t worry. Vixen provides everything you need, so all you have to do is show up.
  • NO upcharges. There is nothing more irritating than finding out something is more expensive than you thought. We will never upcharge you for use of our equipment or any class-required materials.

Our Mission: Defensive Options and Education

Vixen seeks to educate people about their options so they feel comfortable creating their own personal defense plan. We actively promote discussion and student participation, and guarantee all questions will be addressed. Every student should leave class armed with enough information and industry insight to make independent decisions about their own safety.

The best defensive option is the one that works best for you in a given situation. There is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all option. Things like your job and living situation can impact your defensive choices. Personal preference is an important and legitimate concern. Legal requirements about type and use of force apply. Choosing the best option (or options) for you and your safety is complicated and Vixen will help you to make the decision for yourself.