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From Permit to Carry Class to Full-Time Career

Vixen Defense LLC was founded in March of 2012. It began as a part-time operation almost exclusively offering the Minnesota Permit to Carry class. Since then, Vixen has grown from a freelance operation to an established storefront. The Permit to Carry classes now also include an option for Florida certification. We provide classes on situational awareness and non-lethal personal defense options. The Vixen store sells defensive products, and Vixen has expanded into providing seminars for local business and corporations.

Approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Vixen Defense is a certifying organization for instructors. Since 2013, we have trained instructors in the Minnesota Personal Protection Act (Permit to Carry law) of 2003.

Vixen is constantly evolving and expanding operations. An amazing community of people have helped along the way. We’ve received a great deal of help, support and advice. We’d like to thank everyone who supports local business and is passionate about taking control of their personal protection. We welcome and appreciate suggestions and feedback!

The Story

Vixen Defense owner Stephanie took her first Permit to Carry class in 2009. A recent college graduate, she signed permit to carry classup for a weekday class that had come highly recommended. She was the only woman in the class, in the back room of a gun shop. The male instructor gave her special attention by recommending she never carry in a purse, but offered no alternative carry options. She spent two hours on an uncomfortable metal folding chair, class topics ranging from when to shoot a bear, to how much fire to rain down on a car thief, to dealing with terrorists and the zombie apocalypse.

Afterwards she went to the range and shot up a box of ammunition. The instructor had five people shooting at a time and didn’t pay much attention, only glancing at the end to ensure she’d hit the target.

It was very entertaining, and even educational in a way, but not terribly useful or practical.

Afterwards Stephanie began speaking with others about their permit to carry class experiences. There was no “typical” permit to carry class, but her experience wasn’t unusual. National organizations typically provided limited information on local laws and regulations, focused on firearm safety. The majority of instructors were former military or law enforcement, with limited experience in course development or coping with student needs. The female perspective was underrepresented industry-wide, guns a male-dominated field.

Over the next three years, Stephanie created Vixen Defense. Vixen offers firearms training based on education, comfort, personal attention, and the real-world issues students are likely to encounter. And yes, occasionally, how to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Just in case.