Meet the Instructor

Stephanie, Owner & Firearms Instructor

Stephanie is a certified firearms instructor who started and owns Vixen Defense. She has dual masters degrees, one in Criminal Justice and the other in Business Administration. Stephanie is an NRA certified firearms instructor as well as holding numerous certifications in emergency management and victim advocacy.

Stephanie specializes in criminology and victimology, and focuses on the legal aspects of carry permits and firearm ownership. She holds a special interest in working with those who are new to firearms and self-defense. Stephanie prefers smaller, more intimate classes, and provides a personalized learning experience to her students. Her true passion is advocating for self-defense and an individual’s right to take control of their own safety.

A long-time resident of Isanti, she is an enthusiastic member of the community and in her spare time enjoys good wine tastings, writing (usually bad) poetry and feeding stray wildlife. Stephanie can be reached at or by phone at 612-516-6304.