Essential Pistol Craft: A Basic Pistol Class

Basic Pistol Class to Learn Essential Pistol Craft

The Essential Pistol Craft course is a basic pistol class which introduces students who are new to firearms to handguns.  Most of the class is focused on learning to use semi-auto pistols and revolver handguns.  The class covers a range of topics specific to handguns, beginning with general safety rules and simple ownership information.  The class will also address handgun anatomy and terminology, basic ballistics, and shooting techniques.  At the end of the class, students will be allowed to practice with a variety of handguns to feel the practical applications of classroom concepts.

Basic Pistol Class: Proper Grip

Although there is a live-fire portion to this class, the Essential Pistol Craft course is primarily classroom-based learning about handguns.  The focus of this basic pistol class is for students to have a solid knowledge of handgun operation, technical and functional differences between handguns, and how to select the right handgun for personal use.

$95 per Person / 4 Hours

The Course Price Includes:

  • All Course Materials
  • Pistol Use & Ammunition
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • No Range Fees (Live-Fire portion held at private, indoor shooting lane)

There are no prerequisites to this course—it’s perfect for beginners just getting started or for experienced shooters looking to refresh their knowledge.  Must be at least 20 years old to attend.

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