Vixen Defense: News & Updates

Merry May

The late spring makes it hard to imagine, but we’re rapidly approaching the slow summer season! This May, we’re running a three-day Mother’s Day special! The Renewal Class on May 10 will be only $50, and the Carry Class on May 11 only $75 per person! Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12 (also $75) will be Ladies Only. If you want a Carry Class that’s all women–female instructor, female only students, emphasis on women’s issues in shooting–here’s your chance!

Spring Snows

Is it really spring? Record snowfalls and chilly temps make it feel like spring will never come. Lately we’ve been playing the fun Minnesota driving game: guess which lane you’re in. But it’s March now, and hopefully spring will be right around the corner. This spring we’re offering a special discount on all electronic self-defense, such as stun guns and Tasers. 20% off every item. If you’ve been thinking about picking up a stun gun, planning to get one for a loved one, or just do your Christmas shopping ridiculously far in advance, now is a good time to come in and see what we have to offer. Carry and Carry Renewal Classes continue to be offered multiple times a week. The Renewal courses are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 7pm and run approximately two hours. The Carry class is roughly four hours long and is held every Saturday morning at 11am and every Sunday afternoon at 1pm. Classes can be scheduled privately any day or time that our instructors are available, for only $10 more per person–and group rates do apply to private classes as well. Speaking of group rates, we’ve had a lot of questions lately so I thought I’d break it down. You need 4 people to count as a group. The discounts include: 4-5 people=10% off 6-7 people=15% off...
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Holiday Season

Here come the holidays! This is always a busy time of year and generally a crazy one when it comes to scheduling. Until the end of the year, Vixen will wave up-charges on private classes. Schedule any class, any time we don’t already have something scheduled, for no extra charge. Book for just one, or take advantage of our group rates at your convenience. Because of the holidays, we have a couple cancellations. There will be no Carry Class on Sunday November 25, and no Renewal Class on Wednesday December 12. Otherwise our schedule will proceed as usual.

September Schedule

Finally, a bit of fall crisp in the air! September tends to be a slower month, so our instructors are going to be using the time to catch up on our own continuing education. Stephanie will be at a defensive retreat in the southwest September 1-10. Classes will continue as usual, but the shop will not be open during the day for the first week of September. The weekend of September 8th and the 9th, our tactical instructor will be out as well. All classes are cancelled for that weekend. Sunday September 30th we’ll also be closed. Thanks so much for your patience, and if you have a question about the scheduling please give us a call at 612-516-6304!

August Musings

Kicking off the back-to-school season, Vixen is running a special on simple stun guns. Usually $25, we’ll be selling the basic units for $10 until September 1 (in store only). We still have plenty of time available for private classes. This is the last month to combine an Essential Pistol and Carry Class, so make sure you get in on time! Recently there have been some questions about our Renewal Carry class. We do say you must have a current, valid MN carry permit in order to take the Renewal class. However, the state of Minnesota gives a 30-day grace period with which to renew, and Vixen honors that policy. If you are a couple weeks overdue on your permit, you are still eligible for a Renewal Carry class. Several months overdue, however, and we do require the full Carry Permit class.

Dog Days of Summer

I hope everyone had a fun, explosive and safe 4th of July! Please, firearms owners, remember that what goes up must come down, and you are responsible for every round. Fireworks are fantastic. Shooting guns into the air is not. Summer Schedule Now that the holiday and the Rodeo Days Jubilee here in Isanti are finished, we have officially entered into the dog days of summer. This is a slower time of year for classes, so if you are looking for a private class or need to schedule a special course, now is the perfect time to do so! Private classes can be scheduled any day or time of your choosing. Simply Contact Us or call 612-516-6304 to book out a time-slot. There is typically a nominal $10 surcharge per person for private classes if there are less than three people in your group. As a reminder, Renewal Carry Classes are specifically for those who have already obtained a permit. If you already have a permit and want to attend class with a first-timer, you are welcome to attend a regular Carry Permit class with your friend/loved one and (with presentation of your permit) will only be charged the Renewal class rate. All classes are available at a group rate if you bring 3 or more people. The more people in your group, the higher...
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Cancellations and Closings

Cancellations Well, this is somewhat embarrassing, but Vixen instructors have come down with a nasty case of poisoned sumac. Which is not only gross and painful, but also contagious. As a result, classes from June 8-10 (one Renewal Carry, two regular Carry Courses) have been cancelled. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Closings Come July, Vixen will be closed from July 4-8. That’s the period of the Isanti Rodeo Jubilee Days, meaning downtown is a hub of activity and events. The shop will be closed during the rodeo run, but we will still be available by phone or email to answer questions or schedule courses. Specials To celebrate the Fourth of July, we’re running a one-weekend only special. Last weekend in June/first weekend in July, between 6/29-7/1, all Renewal Classes will be only $50 each. Carry Permit Classes only $75. Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

Summer Schedule

Welcome to Minnesota, where we skip spring altogether and launch straight into summertime. From blizzards to eighty degrees in just under a week. Summer is always a special time in this business. Nobody wants to be cooped up inside on a beautiful day. Because of that, our summer schedule is a little unpredictable. Vixen will still have all regular classes, but there are usually several private classes in the warm months. People want to schedule a class right before going up north, or in the morning before work. Keep an eye open on our calendar for special events, private classes and off-site seminars that might change our hours slightly. Also, as usual, construction season is upon us. Highway 65 is down to one lane here in Isanti. Those traveling to get here might want to budget some extra time since traffic gets clogged up. I apologize for the inconvenience and suggest you direct your complaints to MNDoT. I certainly will.

Spring Madness

At last, spring returns! It’s been a long winter. Everyone is itching to get out and enjoy the warmth again. This is always a busy time of year for the gun industry. It’s especially busy this year, in the wake of school shootings and the return of gun control to the political agenda. Vixen has been very busy over the long winter. We renewed our certification/recognition with the Department of Public Safety/Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (how five years fly!), expanded our classroom, and changed our hours. Private classes are still available daily. We’re developing several new tactical courses. This year we’ve begun offering more off-site seminars and outreach events. We’re also expanding focus on awareness and general safety training. Keep an eye out for special events designed to address topics like criminal/victim psychology, domestic abuse, workplace violence, safety measures for travel and more. Through the spring, we’re having a special BOGO 50% off with our Essential Pistol Craft and Carry Permit Classes. Anyone taking a first-time carry class can get an Essential Pistol half-price. Or anyone taking an Essential Pistol can get their carry class half-off. It’s roughly a $50 value, and we do hope to see some of you more than once. Contact Us for more information. As to the elephant in the room: Gun control measures have returned. Some of them are reasonable,...
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Surgery and Rescheduling

Well, life can inconvenience people in the strangest ways. Owner/Primary Instructor went into shoulder surgery on August 15, and is on limited movement for a week. Because of this, the Thursday evening Renewal Class on August 17 has been cancelled. This weekend’s classes will proceed as normal, with another instructor taking lead. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience! We should be back to business as usual next week.

The Doldrums of Summer

Every year about this time, the firearms industry goes through a slump. This year it’s particularly bad. Trump’s win last year made everyone relax about gun rights. The closing of Gander is flooding the market for gun sales. And the crazy weather has people hesitating to commit to 5 hours indoors taking a class. (Not that I blame them.) Tis the season to be slothful. Upcoming Changes Vixen is going to take advantage of the downtime. We will be cancelling Renewal Classes Tuesday, July 4th, and Thursday, July 6th. Vixen’s storefront will be closed during Isanti’s Rodeo Days (July 7-9), although classes will still be held. Private Classes will be available for regular prices all summer. Check out our Calendar to see what’s going on when. Furthermore, Saturday Renewal Carry Classes have been moved to 6PM. Florida upgrades for Carry Classes are now $25.

Spring Madness: Private Classes and Political Horizons

At last, spring is here! Longer days, warmer weather. It’s fantastic. Things at Vixen have been so busy, the winter seemed to fly by. We’ve settled into the new office and are preparing for a number of course expansions this summer. Celebrating the return of sunshine and the coming greenery, for April any Private Class for Carry Permits or Renewal Carry will get a FREE upgrade for Florida Certification (usually $30). A Private Class can be scheduled any day or time that doesn’t already have a scheduled course. To see our schedule, check our company Calendar. Otherwise, you can Contact Us or call 612-516-6304 to schedule a class that will fit your schedule. There have been many people who ask what the Florida Certification is, or what you gain from it. To answer that here (in brief): it is possible to get a Carry Permit from the state of Florida as a non-resident. In order to do so, you must first get certified by an authorized course/instructor, before mailing an application packet down to Tallahassee. Upgrading to a Florida certification (which requires different information from the MN only certificate) provides the first step in obtaining a carry permit from the state of Florida. Why do that? Because Florida’s carry permit is recognized by some different states than that of Minnesota, allowing for a greater variety...
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