Vixen Defense: News & Updates

Surgery and Rescheduling

Well, life can inconvenience people in the strangest ways. Owner/Primary Instructor went into shoulder surgery on August 15, and is on limited movement for a week. Because of this, the Thursday evening Renewal Class on August 17 has been cancelled. This weekend’s classes will proceed as normal, with another instructor taking lead. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and patience! We should be back to business as usual next week.

The Doldrums of Summer

Every year about this time, the firearms industry goes through a slump. This year it’s particularly bad. Trump’s win last year made everyone relax about gun rights. The closing of Gander is flooding the market for gun sales. And the crazy weather has people hesitating to commit to 5 hours indoors taking a class. (Not that I blame them.) Tis the season to be slothful. Upcoming Changes Vixen is going to take advantage of the downtime. We will be cancelling Renewal Classes Tuesday, July 4th, and Thursday, July 6th. Vixen’s storefront will be closed during Isanti’s Rodeo Days (July 7-9), although classes will still be held. Private Classes will be available for regular prices all summer. Check out our Calendar to see what’s going on when. Furthermore, Saturday Renewal Carry Classes have been moved to 6PM. Florida upgrades for Carry Classes are now $25.

Spring Madness: Private Classes and Political Horizons

At last, spring is here! Longer days, warmer weather. It’s fantastic. Things at Vixen have been so busy, the winter seemed to fly by. We’ve settled into the new office and are preparing for a number of course expansions this summer. Celebrating the return of sunshine and the coming greenery, for April any Private Class for Carry Permits or Renewal Carry will get a FREE upgrade for Florida Certification (usually $30). A Private Class can be scheduled any day or time that doesn’t already have a scheduled course. To see our schedule, check our company Calendar. Otherwise, you can Contact Us or call 612-516-6304 to schedule a class that will fit your schedule. There have been many people who ask what the Florida Certification is, or what you gain from it. To answer that here (in brief): it is possible to get a Carry Permit from the state of Florida as a non-resident. In order to do so, you must first get certified by an authorized course/instructor, before mailing an application packet down to Tallahassee. Upgrading to a Florida certification (which requires different information from the MN only certificate) provides the first step in obtaining a carry permit from the state of Florida. Why do that? Because Florida’s carry permit is recognized by some different states than that of Minnesota, allowing for a greater variety...
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New Year, New Location

We moved! Exciting news here at Vixen. After four years of steady growth, Vixen has gotten too busy for its cozy little starter office and moved to a bigger and better shop. Our new place at 101 E Main St, in Isanti, is only a block away from the old place, but is more than twice the size with Main Street frontage. The new shop is located on the corner of Main Street and Railroad Ave, next to Hermann’s Insurance and the VFW sign. It’s going to be a busy few months moving forward. With double the classroom size, Vixen will be expanding our course list in the upcoming year and will cater to larger groups of people looking for specialty courses. We’ve also significantly increased our retail options, to give you more selection in handheld defense, alarms and lights, and gun cleaning, storage and safety products. Additional instructors will allow us to do more off-site classes as well, for individuals who want to schedule a class at a location more convenient. Group rates are available for regular as well as privately scheduled classes. Call for details on how to schedule a course at a time and place of your choosing! Vixen hours have changed with the new year as well—from now on, Vixen will be open 2-8PM Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-5PM on Fridays....
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Cool Weather, Crazy Politics and End of the Year Specials

And just like that, another season gone. As the old saying goes, we are most definitely living in interesting times. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, I think it’s safe to say the next few years will be a time of change in the United States. I also hope everyone remembers that with rights come responsibilities, and voting is one of the civic duties we must uphold when demanding to exercise our Second Amendment rights. In furtherance of that, Vixen will be running a Renewal Carry Course at 6PM on Election Tuesday for $40 to anyone wearing an ‘I Voted’ sticker. As always, remember to bring a current, valid carry permit for the renewal course. On a lighter note, this holiday season Vixen will be selling gift certificates at our storefront location in Isanti for Carry classes (new and renewal) as well as Essential Pistol courses. Looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea? Give the gift of knowledge and gun permits, redeemable anytime. Gift certificates must be purchased in person and are not available online. Group discounts will be applied to the purchase of multiple certificates. Also, for a limited time anyone attending one of our Sunday classes will receive a free pepper spray as part of their carry class package. In local news, the Isanti County Sheriff is moving their administrative offices. The...
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Renewal Carry Class and Summer Specials

Renewal Carry Class and Summer Specials Summer has officially arrived! It’s been a busy few months here at Vixen. Beginning immediately, Vixen now offers a Renewal Carry class. This expedites the course by streamlining administrative information and focusing on changes to the law in the last five years. The Renewal Class takes approximately two hours, and is $65 per person. It’s going to be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 5pm. Check out our Course Calendar to sign up for one today! The Renewal Carry class can be set up privately, any day or time, just as with all our other courses. This summer private classes will be just $10 more than regular courses, and group discounts (4+ people) will be roughly 10% off individual pricing. Thus, a private class with four or more people will be the same cost or less than taking a regular course, so summer is the perfect time to schedule a class with family and friends!

April Updates

Just a quick note: Vixen will be closed April 4 through April 11. All classes will be canceled this week as the instructors undergo annual advanced training. Regular classes will resume with the April 13th Essential Pistol Craft class. Beginning this month, Vixen will be offering the Florida out-of-state permit certification as well as the MN Carry Permit class. The Florida add-on is $30. Thanks everyone, and Vixen will be back next week! ~Stephanie

Farewell February

How fast the shortest month does go! The Twin Cities Women’s Expo was wonderful.  We so enjoyed seeing everyone there, and it was a blast watching the laser trainer in action. We’ve added a .38 revolver to the collection of firearms available for use in our Essential Pistol course, and will be expanding the collection further still in coming months.  Upcoming, Vixen will begin offering the NRA’s Basic Pistol blended course (combining online training with personal live-fire portions) regularly, alongside our own classes. This spring Private Classes will be offered for $99 per person, with a 10% discount available for groups of four or more individuals.  Novelty stun guns are being offered in the shop for a limited time, specially designed for amusement as well as effectiveness.

Thoughts for January

Apologies to anyone who recently stumbled over our (currently messy) FAQ page…unfortunately, Vixen is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.  (“Technical difficulties” is what we call it when owner Stephanie decides to try and do something computer-related without asking the web designer first and somehow crashes the entire system.  Bad Stephanie!)  FAQ does usually have more than one word in a question, and it sounds like the tech-savvy people will fix this problem very soon.  Until then, it’s something like mystery FAQ—click a random question word, get a random answer!  Pretend it’s a game! Gun permits in Isanti have been skyrocketing, not only here at Vixen (it’s been a very busy season, thanks very much to all of you!) but in the wider area.  A recent article in the Isanti County News addressed the way that local news events, such as mass shootings, have influenced people to begin actively considering personal protection and the resulting increase in civilian carry efforts.  The Isanti County Sheriff’s Department has been swamped with permit applications, and we want to extend our thanks to them for their constant professionalism and all the help they offer the general public daily. On a local note, starting in March the Isanti Sheriff will stop processing purchase permit applications from those living in the city of Isanti.  People who live in Isanti (city)...
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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Ending the year with a BANG.  Damn, this has been a fast autumn.  We’ve been solidly booked the last few months and it looks as though that’s going to continue straight through the New Year.  (A tip for those looking into a Carry Permit class…Saturdays fill up fast, but Sundays are more relaxed and private classes are always going to be available.)  Thanks and well-wishes to all our students, past and future. The construction finally finished up—not the project, which has miles to go before it sleeps, but the actual work given that the snow has fallen and the season is over.  We look forward to complaining about that again come spring, but for the moment we finally have our parking lot back, and for this we are thankful. A quick announcement…starting December 1, Vixen is moving to winter hours and will be open Tuesday through Friday from 1:00-7:00 PM.  Class schedules will remain the same, and as always private classes can be scheduled morning, noon and night any day that is convenient for the student.  As we move into the winter, group discounts of 10% for groups of 4 or more will be an ongoing special—we hope to see lots of friends and family making a social event of an important educational opportunity. Thanks go out to an amazing local community, wonderful customers and...
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It’s that wonderful time of year when nothing is readily available in Minnesota because constant road construction means endless detours and inaccessibility.  Vixen is the latest location to fall prey to the vagaries of unpredictable construction schedules. At least for the time, the Vixen parking lot will be blocked off, as they are re-grading and paving the alley behind the building and the parking lot access point to Main Street.  For those coming to the shop or taking a class with us, the public parking lot across the street will remain available, as well as on-street parking.  Vixen will still be open, although it may be a little harder to locate due to the blocked access and large construction vehicles obscuring our storefront. Having said all that, I for one am excited about the upgrade to the area and the increased availability of Vixen in the future (whenever the project is completed—first estimates claim this should all be done with by September 11, here’s hoping there are no unexpected delays!).  If you have any trouble locating us or finding adequate parking accommodations, please don’t hesitate to call me at 612-516-6304 for help. This weekend’s Permit to Carry classes will continue as scheduled, Saturday at 11am and Sunday at 1pm, despite the slight inconvenience.  Thank you all for understanding!

MN Carry Reciprocity Updates

For those who haven’t been following the recent changes to MN gun laws (part of an omnibus bill passed a few months ago which took effect as of August 1), one of the new alterations to MN carry recognition includes altered language requiring that recognition of carry permits from other states be decided based upon “similar” rather than “substantially similar” permit to carry laws. As a result, we have recently altered the list of states whose permits will be accepted in Minnesota.  This is a list of states which can carry in Minnesota, not states where the Minnesota carry permit is accepted.  As of August 2015, the list of Out-of-State Permits Valid in Minnesota includes: Alaska Arkansas Delaware Idaho (enhanced permit only) Illinois Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Nevada New Jersey New Mexico North Dakota (enhanced permit only) Ohio Oklahoma Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee (Bold is newly accepted as of 2015) Four states were removed from Minnesota’s list of accepted permits, including: Missouri (Issues permits to under-21) Texas (Issues permits to under-21) Wyoming (Issues permits to under-21, no live fire demonstration) Utah (No live fire demonstration) So here’s the $64,000 Question—Who cares and why? Seriously, why care about who gets to carry here, when the real question is “Where do I get to carry?  Where is my permit accepted?” Well, it matters because...
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