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Personal Protection Devices for Sale

Looking for unique personal protection devices at an affordable rate?  Shop here for top quality defensive options to enhance your personal protection today!

C2 Taser Gold KitPersonal Protection Devices: C2 Taser

The Taser C2 Gold Kit is the pinnacle of personal protection options available to the public.  A non-lethal defensive weapon, the C2 Taser Gold Kit encompasses deterrent power, force multiplication and provides training options to increase your comfort level.  Currently available in red only.


  • C2 Taser Unit
  • (2) Live Taser Cartridges
  • (1) Training Cartridge
  • LPM Battery Pack
  • Practice Target
  • Manual & Training Disc
  • Holster

$450 – Free Shipping!


Taser StrikelightPersonal Protection Devices: Taser Strikelight

Designed to provide the best in close contact protection, the Taser Strikelight is a high intensity, rechargeable flashlight with an integrated stun gun.  With crenulations for impact force, blinding light, and high voltage stun capacity, the Taser Strikelight is a discrete defensive option which operates to law enforcement standards.


  • 80 Lumen Flashlight
  • Rechargeable
  • Milled Aluminum
  • Polymer Lens
  • 5 Hours Continuous Light
  • 100 5-Second Discharges

$150 – Free Shipping!